‘Cheap fakes’: Viral videos keep clipping Biden’s words out of context

February 14, 2022

In an October 2020 campaign speech in Georgia, just days before the election that sent him to the White House, candidate Joe Biden used a quote from Pope Francis...

But the videos that take Biden out of context are especially effective, Tromble said, because they build on Biden’s reputation, dating back to his days as a senator, for being gaffe-prone. 

Biden made a number of verbal blunders on the campaign trail. That has continued since, such as when he stumbled in his description of Satchel Paige as a great baseball pitcher in the Negro leagues, prompting critics to say he called Paige a "negro."

Biden grew up stuttering. That his stutter remains unknown to many Americans "makes it easy for his opponents to create fake but convincing clips of President Biden," Tromble said.

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