Electronic Nicotine Product Cessation and Cigarette Smoking: Analysis of Waves 3 and 4 From the PATH Study

July 27, 2021

Identifying predictors of electronic nicotine product (ENP) cessation can inform ENP cessation interventions. High rates of cooccurring ENP and cigarette (dual) use and transitions between these products underscore the importance of considering cigarette smoking status when assessing and addressing ENP cessation.

The researchers analyzed waves 3 (W3) and 4 (W4) of the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) study to identify (1) W3 socio-demographics, tobacco and ENP use characteristics, and psychosocial correlates of W3 cigarette smoking status (non-smoker, former, and current) among W3 adult ENP users, and (2) W3 predictors of W4 combined ENP and cigarette smoking abstinence relative to use of one or both products.

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