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Partisans, media quick to blame racism for California shooting despite no evidence

NewsNation spoke to Frank Sesno about speculation and pushing agendas during tragedies.

U.S. Is Giving Russia ‘Sanctuary’ From Long-Range Strikes: Ex-U.S. General

A former U.S. military official is questioning why the United States is allowing Russia to fire missiles into Ukraine seemingly at will.

The Atlantic

This Is What It Looks Like When Twitter Falls Apart

Elon Musk hasn’t finished his drama yet.

Zelenskyy's trip to the U.S. was 'historic,' professor says

President Zelenskyy of Ukraine visited Washington D.C. on Wednesday for his first-known international trip since Russia invaded.

The Atlantic

Money Will Kill ChatGPT’s Magic

Buzzy products like ChatGPT and DALL-E 2 will have to turn a profit eventually.