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Social media companies are already losing the vaccine misinformation fight

Social media companies like Facebook and YouTube have ramped up their policies against coronavirus misinformation and banned false claims about Covid-19 vaccines. But as distribution of the vaccines begin, online accounts are exploiting loopholes in new policies and successfully sharing misleading claims that attempt to discourage vaccination.
NBC News

Covid vaccine and mask conspiracies succeed when they appeal to identity and ideology

Playing to a person’s personal identity — that is, how they view themselves and how they want others to see them — has always played a role in the uptake and spread of health misinformation. It is, for instance, a foundational marketing strategy of the wellness industry. Wellness gurus and celebrity lifestyle companies push potions (unproven supplements), products (crystals, vagina eggs), and ideas (energy healing, cleansing) that fit the vibe of their brand and their consumer’s expectations — science and evidence be damned.
Washington Post

Vaccine hoaxes are rampant on social media. Here’s how to spot them.

Front-line health workers in the United States begun receiving coronavirus vaccines. But on social media, false theories about the vaccines’ dangers and conspiracies about the government’s plans for it are multiplying.
WJLA 24/7 News

Doubts about COVID-19 vaccine spread on social media, threatening effort to end pandemic

There is new hope this holiday season as the first COVID-19 vaccines are given to frontline healthcare workers. Public health experts agree it’s the first step toward defeating the devastating pandemic. But Spotlight on America found there’s still widespread hesitance to get the shot, and experts say social media is playing a major role in shaping public opinion.
The Hill

Fox News confident in face of new rivals from right in Newsmax, OAN

Fox News is facing new competition for conservative viewers from rivals on the right amid a clash with President Trump as he leaves the White House.