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The Arizona Republic

He got booted for discussing climate change. But he's undeterred, with science on his side

Richard Lavallee is a software engineer, Arizonan and former Republican. He says he started to feel overwhelmed by the idea of climate change after years of hearing about burning rainforests and melting glaciers. His daughters also influenced his sense that this was a serious problem.

How partisanship is making polling Americans more complicated

There's something strange about how Americans see the economy these days -- or, at least, how they're describing it to pollsters.

Factual climate change reporting can influence Americans positively, but not for long

Media coverage of climate change can influence Americans to adopt more accurate beliefs about the environment, but the information doesn't stay with them for long, according to a new report.
Fast Company

Inside the good, bad, and very ugly of social media algorithms

There’s a lot to unpack with the current state of social media algorithms. Fast Company’s podcast Creative Conversation explored this topic in three episodes

What Would A Sentient, Conscious Robot Mean For Humans?

A Google engineer claimed an AI software of theirs became sentient. Now there is debate on if these sentient machines have a place in the world.