Trump lawyer John Eastman no longer member of American Political Science Association

June 20, 2022

John Eastman, a Trump acolyte who advocated overturning the results of the 2020 presidential election, is no longer a member of the American Political Science Association, a representative of the organization said Thursday.

“I can confirm that John Eastman is not an APSA member at this time,” Dan Gibson, an APSA spokesperson, said in an e-mail to Nexstar’s WIAT.

The organization has not responded to questions related to when Eastman’s membership ended and why. A copy of the lawyer’s curriculum vitae posted by Congress shows that Eastman claimed membership in APSA, the largest professional organization of political scientists, from 2001 until at least 2019...

Now, months after that initial controversy, APSA has confirmed Eastman is no longer a member. But Dave Karpf, a professor at the George Washington University who circulated the open letter, still has questions related to the Claremont Institute, the conservative think tank that had aimed to host Eastman at the APSA’s annual conference.

“They are no longer listed on the website, and they aren’t in the 2022 program,” Karpf said. “I have heard nothing from APSA about termination of their related-group status, though.”

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