Anti-vaccination movements dominate on social networks. Find out how they are winning this "war"

New coronavirus intensified campaigns against and in favor of vaccination

May 22, 2020

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This article was translated from Portugese

The Covid-19 pandemic has already become a global threat, and the international community agrees that the danger will only be controlled when there is a vaccine that can be marketed and distributed to population populations.

In Portugal, the Government has already admitted that many of the restrictions and safety rules, such as wearing a mask, can only be lifted when there is effective protection.

But not everyone agrees on the need for the vaccine, which is already intensifying a "war" between pro and anti-vaccine groups. Researchers at George Washington University in the city of Washington conducted a study in which they analyzed the "competition" between groups that defend vaccines and their opponents. The research, which was based on groups and interaction on Facebook, was published in the journal  Nature .

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