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In the heart of the nation's capital, IDDP brings together top researchers from across academic disciplines, works side-by-side with and informs journalists advises and helps agenda set with policymakers, and engages with a variety of organizations that have significant societal influence and reach.

Affiliates must be committed to IDDP's mission to help the public, journalists, and policymakers understand digital media’s influence on public dialogue and opinion, and to develop sound solutions to disinformation and other ills that arise in these spaces. Affiliates should have a track record of or plan to undertake work (e.g., research, public policy, journalism) related to IDDP's mission. 

Before requesting to affiliate with IDDP, please visit our Research Clusters page, and read the description of each of our research clusters. Applicants must secure the support of one or more research cluster lead(s) before submitting this form. Please feel free to reach out to multiple cluster leads, if you feel your interests and work align with more than one.