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Press Hits
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Meta’s new AI labels won’t solve the ‘Taylor Swift problem’

Experts are welcoming Meta's new plan to label AI-generated content on its platforms.

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Deepfakes, trolls and cybertroopers: how social media could sway elections in 2024

Faced with data restrictions and harassment, researchers are mapping out fresh approaches to studying social media’s political reach.

Tech Policy Press

How to Defend Independent Technology Research from Corporate and Political Opposition

“Society needs trustworthy, independent research to relieve the harms of digital technologies and advance the common good,”

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This group holds a boot camp to help left-learning orgs meme-ify politics

Can memes be used for political change? We might find out this year.


Did the Battle Against ‘Misinformation’ Go Too Far?

The pandemic brought a massive effort to limit the spread of bad health information. Did it do more harm than good?

Tech Policy Press

Welcome to Session 2 of the 118th US Congress: AI Policy Edition

A year ago– on Jan 3rd, 2023– the 118th US Congress began.

Foreign Policy

An AI Future Is Much Shakier Than You Think

The ghosts of past futurism give pause to predictions of digital change.

Europe’s AI Act Draws Attention to Congress’ Timeline for Action

Some lawmakers say US must act fast to set new AI rules. Others say Congress can learn and improve EU approach.

The Seattle Times

Attacked by conservatives, UW misinformation researcher gears up for 2024

Kate Starbird, director and co-founder of the UW Center for an Informed Public, has become a target of the internet misinformation spreaders she studies.

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The 2024 Election Will Be Unlike Any Other. Is the Media Ready?

Journalists are facing “deep fakes,” sagging trust, global unrest and an unprecedented Trump campaign being run “from the courthouse steps.”