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Athens Roundtable on AI and Rule of Law Spotlights Ethical, Legislative Issues

Marking a year since the introduction of ChatGPT, the two-day summit featured five members of Congress and dozens of leaders in research, industry, policy and law.

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Elon Musk Is Not the Person of This Year—Or Any Other | Opinion

I wonder what Elon Musk's adoring fans will say next year, when inevitably declares bankruptcy.

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Misinformation research is under attack. So what’s the plan for 2024?

Between Big Tech’s staff cuts and ongoing political assaults, misinformation researchers and tech accountability groups have no choice but to change course.

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Profit, not progress, animates the tech world

The OpenAI implosion exposes the reality behind the industry's flowery rhetoric

Unveiling the Hottest Political Advertising Trends on Facebook in 2020

Unveiling the Hottest Political Advertising Trends on Facebook in 2020.

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News Anchors Targeted By Deepfake Scammers On Facebook

Deepfake scammers on Facebook.

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Why AI and data might not belong in trade deals

The US is backing the right to regulate over the free flow of information.

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Platform Researcher Access Tools & The Brussels Effect

X (formerly Twitter) sued the Center for Countering Digital Hate for “improperly” accessing data. Meta is planning to shut down Crowdtangle. TikTok’s Researcher API is lackluster. For those paying...


Public Health Is Having a Crisis, Especially When It Comes to Vaccines

Many Americans have lost confidence in the importance of public health recommendations like vaccines. Here’s why—and why they still matter.


Biden EO aims to build foundation for AI legislation

The Biden administration is tasking federal agencies with making standards for AI systems development that could shape what legislation looks like at the state and federal level.