Institute for Data, Democracy and Politics

In the heart of the nation's capital, the George Washington University Institute for Data, Democracy and Politics (IDDP) brings together top researchers from academic disciplines across GW's Columbian College.

IDDP works side-by-side with journalists from leading media outlets, advises and helps agenda set with policymakers in the U.S. and Europe and engages with a variety of organizations that have significant societal influence and reach.

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Our work is of vital importance in an age when media manipulation, fake accounts and malicious social media activities are undermining fundamental aspects of societal cohesion and democratic ideals. Abuse, harassment, hate speech and disinformation abound, with foreign and domestic actors alike taking advantage of key features of digital platforms to target vulnerable and marginalized members of society. IDDP endeavors to educate the public about these threats, and counter them with reliable information and sound solutions.



Produce timely publications about the threat to democracy posed by digital propaganda and deception and contribute to academic journals with new scholarships.



Bring together leading interdisciplinary researchers from around the world under one roof and organize events on new disinformation research.



Collaborate with the Poynter Institute and its PolitiFact project to offer trainings on the misinformation landscape and how to correct false information.


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IDDP in the News

Twitter just closed the book on academic research

May 31, 2023

Twitter was once an indispensable resource for academic research. That’s changed under Elon Musk.

AI Imitating Artist ‘Style’ Drives Call to Rethink Copyright Law

May 31, 2023

The rise of generative artificial intelligence models that can create graphic, textual, or even audio outputs at a user’s request led lawmakers this month to ask whether an artist’s style can be protected as intellectual property. The answer, for now, appears to be no.

We Shouldn't Carry the Full Weight of Responsibility for Our Own Workplace Safety

The government must do more to prevent violence against healthcare workers
May 30, 2023

Violence and abusive threats against healthcare workers are nearly daily occurrences. Of all workplace violence, 73% occurs against healthcare workers. Every year, 13% of nurses suffer physical assaults, and 38.8% of nurses experience non-physical violence such as verbal threats, abuse, and sexual harassment.

How Tina Turner Became ‘Truly an Icon': GW Professor

May 25, 2023

George Washington University Professor Imani Cheers explains how Tina Turner fought hard to achieve icon status and inspired generations.

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