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Journal of Communication in Healthcare - Strategies, Media and Engagement in Global Health

Trust in public health institutions moderates the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccine discussion groups on Facebook

Distrust and partisan identity are theorized to undermine health communications.

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Correcting misinformation about the Russia-Ukraine War reduces false beliefs but does not change views about the War

The experiments focus on correcting misinformation supportive of Russia in the Russia-Ukraine War.

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Factual Corrections: Concerns and Current Evidence

Factual corrections that target misinformation improve belief accuracy. They do so across a wide variety of countries, political beliefs and demographic characteristics. Instances of back-fire,...

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Measuring the monetization strategies of websites with application to pro- and anti-vaccine communities

Anti-vaccine content and other kinds of misinformation are hypothesized to be more heavily monetized than other kinds of online content.

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Missing Persons: The Case of National AI Strategies

Policy makers should inform, consult and involve citizens as part of their efforts to data-driven technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI). Although many users rely on AI systems, they do...

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The efficacy of Facebook’s vaccine misinformation policies and architecture during the COVID-19 pandemic

Online misinformation promotes distrust in science, undermines public health, and may drive civil unrest.

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Missing Persons: The case of public participation in AI strategies

Governance requires trust. If policy makers inform, consult and involve citizens in decisions, policy makers are likely to build trust in their efforts. Public participation is particularly important...

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Data Dysphoria: The Governance Challenge Posed by Large Learning Models for Generative AI

Only 8 months have passed since Chat-GPT and the large learning model underpinning it took the world by storm. This article focuses on the data supply chain—the data collected and then utilized to...

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White Supremacy, Democrats, and Anti-Abortion Support

White supremacist attitudes are on the rise in the United States. In this paper, we assert that there are latent white supremacist sentiments, deeply connected to the changing racial demographics of...

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Reshares on social media amplify political news but do not detectably affect beliefs or opinions

Researchers studied the effects of exposure to reshared content on Facebook during the 2020 US election by assigning a random set of consenting, US-based users to feeds that did not contain any...