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The Long Shadow of the Civil War: The Recurrent Historical Centrality of Anti-Black Political Threat in Eroding Public Support for American Democracy

Racial threat from demographic change is a central component in driving democratic backsliding in the U.S. The researchers show that the threat which emerges in the minds of Americans is...

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Feasibility and Acceptability of Spanish-language Facebook Group on Latino Parents’ COVID-19 Vaccine Beliefs: Case study of the Brigada Digital de Salud

COVID-19 vaccine uptake among U.S. Latino adults has been slower than other groups, and younger Latino children continue to be underrepresented among vaccinated populations.

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The Data Abyss: How Lack of Data Access Leaves Research and Society in the Dark

This article articulates why the lack of social media platform data access for researchers is a huge problem, for research and society. We then review a number of ongoing initiatives and...

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Simple Data Visualization Techniques of Racial Demographic Change Sharply Increase Propensities Toward Violence

Data visualization has direct political implications. Across four experiments which slightly vary the visualization of data about projected racial demographic change in the United States, the...

Population Medicine

Key considerations in digital population health interventions

Digital health technologies (DHTs) have become an integral part of global public health initiatives from encouraging and monitoring vaccine uptake to supporting self-management of long-term...

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Monitoring Hate Speech and the Limits of Current Definition

Current definitions of hate speech are inadequate as the basis for monitoring hate speech targeted at groups.

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First Amendment Protections for “Good Trouble”

The more things change, the more they stay the same. This unfortunately is true with respect to the efforts of civil rights activities and the response of the dominant power structure in the United...

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The Digital Services Act and the Brussels Effect on Platform Content Moderation

The European Union (EU) is at it again — engaging in extensive regulation of social media platforms in ways that will affect how the platforms regulate not just in the EU, but the world over.


The Role of Mental Representation in Sharing Misinformation Online

Fuzzy-Trace Theory posits that people will be more likely to share misinformation online if it promotes gist mental representations that cue motivationally-relevant values. In this paper, the...

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Could a Global “Wicked Problems Agency” Incentivize Data Sharing?

Global data sharing could help solve “wicked” problems (problems such as climate change, terrorism and global poverty that no one knows how to solve without creating further problems).