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Like-minded sources on Facebook are prevalent but not polarizing

July 27, 2023

Many critics raise concerns about the prevalence of ‘echo chambers’ on social media and their potential role in increasing political polarization. However, the lack of available data and the challenges of conducting large-scale field experiments have made it difficult to assess the scope of the problem.

Reshares on social media amplify political news but do not detectably affect beliefs or opinions

July 27, 2023

Researchers studied the effects of exposure to reshared content on Facebook during the 2020 US election by assigning a random set of consenting, US-based users to feeds that did not contain any reshares over a 3-month period.

Federal AI Legislation

An Analysis of Proposals from the 117th Congress Relevant to Generative AI tools
June 14, 2023

The following report is an analysis based on a list of “federal legislative proposals pertaining to generative AI.”


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