Anti-vaccine movement COVID-19 may compromise efforts to end pandemic, study warns

A new study published on 21 August in Nature attempts to answer the baffling question of how online hate groups manage to thrive on social media platforms.

May 14, 2020

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This article was translated from Portugese

Scientists from around the world are trying to develop a vaccine against the new coronavirus in a race against time. Meanwhile, a small but fervent anti-vaccine movement is mobilizing against immunization efforts. According to the most recent data from Johns Hopkins University, SARS-CoV-2 has already caused nearly 300,000 deaths in about 4.4 million confirmed cases of infection on a global scale, while the number of recoveries is around 1.6 million.

The alert was made this Wednesday by the scientific magazine "Nature" , which details some of the narratives that anti-vaccine activists propagate: they say, for example, that the vaccine will be used to implant microchips in people and circulate the false information of the death of a woman who participated in a clinical trial in the UK.

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