Anti-vaxxers are gaining ground and can be in the majority within 10 years

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May 15, 2020

This article was translated from Dutch

If the discussion of vaccinations were to be a battlefield, suspicion would win. That suggests a US study that analyzed more than 1,300 Facebook pages - including RAGE Against the Vaccines and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - and some 100 million users. What turned out? Anti-vaccination pages may have fewer followers, but they are more numerous, fast-growing, and much more connected to undecided Facebook users. If this trend continues, the anti-vaccination camp will soon be in the majority. This is the conclusion of the study.

For the time being, the 'battlefield' looks like this: one (larger) camp is for vaccinations. The other camp is smaller and against it. In addition, there is a third camp, which still has to decide for itself whether it joins the pros or the cons.

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