Book Chapter: Interactive Propaganda: How Fox News and Donald Trump co-produced false narratives about the Covid-19 crisis

June 12, 2021

Taylor & Francis an informa business

This book examines how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the flows of communication between politicians, journalists and citizens.

Distinguished contributors grapple with how the pandemic, as a global unexpected event, disrupted the communication process and changed the relationships between politics, media, and publics, the three central players of political communication. Using different methodologies, they scrutinize changes in government communication, (new) media coverage, and public opinion during this crisis. The book moves beyond the US and Western Europe to include cases from Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia, taking into account how variations in the political context, the media system and personal leadership can influence how the Covid-19 pandemic challenged the political communication process.

It is an ideal text for advanced students and scholars of political communication, political science, and media studies.

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