The Cybersecurity 202: Commission's plan to avert devastating cyberattack faces uphill battle, 9/11-era officials say

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June 30, 2020

The social media platform's recent announcement that it will increase resources to remove false claims about polling conditions in the 72 hours leading up to Election Day, for example, does not do enough to protect mail voting that can happen weeks earlier, former Georgia politician Stacey Abrams said. 

“In the era of covid-19 voting starts almost 40 to 60 days ahead of Election Day. Seventy-two hours cannot solve the problem when you have vote by mail sweeping the country," said Abrams, who founded the voting rights group Fair Fight and is being discussed as a potential Democratic vice presidential candidate. Abrams was speaking at an event on disinformation hosted by George Washington University.

Abrams also criticized Facebook for allowing President Trump to post false and misleading information about voting by mail. Twitter, by contrast, has added fact checks to some of the president's dubious claims. 

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