Facebook Banning Donald Trump Is Too Little Too Late

While we may welcome social media companies action on Trump, it’s crucial that we ask why big tech didn't act sooner, writes Seyi Akiwowo.

Huff Post
January 09, 2021

On Wednesday at Washington’s Capitol, we saw the culmination of what happens when fascism – both online and off – goes unchecked by institutions.

For years, we’ve seen Donald Trump use his online platforms to incite hate, violence and share misinformation on a myriad of topics, including Covid-19 and the 2019 USA election.

While social media companies now appear to have decided this week’s attack was the “tipping point” and banned the US President from certain platforms, this comes too late.

This is why we urgently need acknowledgment, recognition and regulation of tech giants when it comes to making their online spaces safe. 

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