Global Digital Data Governance

January 24, 2024

Taylor & Francis an informa business

Disinformation is simultaneously a domestic and an international problem. It can be created and disseminated by domestic actors, or it can be created and transferred from individuals in one group or country to another. Moreover, because of its global and continuous nature, disinformation is a ‘wicked problem’ that transcends nations and generations. Wicked problems cannot be ‘solved,’ but they can be mitigated. This chapter argues that the governance of disinformation can productively be understood from polycentric perspectives, pointing to how trade agreements between governments can deal with cross-border disinformation, as they already deal with spam. While international trade agreements cannot address the problem of domestically created disinformation and cannot stop individuals, groups, or governments from disseminating malicious or dangerous cross-border disinformation flows, these accords can serve as governance tools within a polycentric landscape for mitigating the worst effects of such flows.

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