Lieu's ChatGPT resolution seeks better understanding of AI

Spectrum News 1
March 01, 2023

A few weeks into the 118th Congress, Rep. Ted Lieu, D-Calif., introduced a resolution asking Congress to ensure that artificial intelligence be developed and deployed in a way that is “safe, ethical” and respectful of American rights and privacy.

That resolution, while introduced by Lieu, wasn’t written by him, nor by a member of his staff. Rather, it was written by ChatGPT, the artificial language model that can take in complex user prompts and, within a matter of minutes, produce a response that looks, sounds and reads as if a human wrote it.

“It looks like any other resolution that someone could have been seduced about trying to regulate artificial intelligence,” Lieu told Spectrum News. The point of the resolution, he said, was to encourage Congress to get a better grasp on what AI is and how it can be used, for good and for bad — lest the U.S. risk being left in the dust...

“If you want to watch a movie on any one of your favorite service providers, Netflix, Paramount+, Disney+, or Pandora — you know, any of these sorts of services — they all use AI algorithms” to recommend new content, explained David Broniatowski, Associate Director for the George Washington University’s Institute for Data, Democracy and Politics.

Such recommendation programs look at a user's history of what they're watching or listning to, compares that behavior to other similar users, and serves suggestions based on what those other users like.

But Broniatowski, who has been studying artificial intelligence for over a decade, warns that what we don’t know about AI can be dangerous.

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