Ontario government staffer out of a job after $100 donation to Ottawa blockade, others under scrutiny

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February 16, 2022

The director of communications in the Ontario ministry responsible for enforcing the law is out of a job after she was tied to a $100 donation supporting the convoy blockading Ottawa streets.

Marion Isabeau-Ringuette is among several government staffers and associates under scrutiny after their names or identifying information were found in a pair of leaks of some 100,000 donations to American crowdfunding website GiveSendGo...

Yunkang Yang, a post-doctoral fellow at the Institute for Data, Democracy and Politics at George Washington University, said in the United States right-wing politicians have been using the convoy to energize their base and whip up support.

“A lot of influential right-wing media have been promoting narratives about that for a long time. They have very big audiences. People from all walks of life on the political right might be a viewer of their content on a regular basis,” including those on both sides of the border, he said.

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