Tech Policy Webinar Series: Regulating Digital Platforms

Wed, 17 February, 2021 6:00pm
Tech Policy Series: Regulating Digital Platforms

As the Biden administration and the new Congress begin to grapple with how to bring transparency and accountability to massive digital platforms like Facebook, Google, TikTok, and Twitter, they may seek ideas and guidance from other countries and jurisdictions where regulatory work has been moving more rapidly.

This panel brought together leading experts on platform accountability measures from around the world and shared an international perspective to how one thinks about addressing online harms, including disinformation, manipulative advertising, incitement, and more.

Panelists included

  • Emma Ruby-Sachs, Executive Director, SumOfUs
  • Richard Beecroft Allan, Member, House of Lords, United Kingdom; former VP of Public Policy at Facebook 
  • Kate Dommett, Senior Lecturer in the Public Understanding of Politics, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Sheffield
  • Mathias Vermeulen, Public Policy Director, AWO
  • Moderator- Rebekah Tromble, Director, Institute for Data, Democracy & Politics

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