A viral video landed him a job on the Sanders campaign. His resignation highlights the pitfalls of the quest for digital dominance.

October 15, 2019

The Washington Post

The five-minute video features a parade of cable pundits, interspersing their harsh disapproval of Bernie Sanders with flattering clips of the senator from Vermont and presidential hopeful. 

Released on YouTube earlier this month, the video racked up millions of views as it tore through social media, caught the eye of the senator’s top staff and landed its creator — a 34-year-old named Matt Orfalea, who got his start in reality television — a job on the campaign. That is, until his prior, and much less flattering, work came to light on social media, including a crude and intentionally falsified video from 2009 about Martin Luther King Jr., which Orfalea said was designed to prove a point about the risks of media manipu­la­tion.

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