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At the Institute for Data, Democracy & Politics (IDDP) our mission is to help society understand critical challenges that arise at the intersection of digital technology, media and democracy, in turn informing sound policy solutions. We are committed to supporting rigorous, evidence-based research that advances democratic values.

What We Do

Our work is of vital importance in an age when media manipulation, fake accounts and malicious social media activities are undermining fundamental aspects of societal cohesion and democratic ideals. Abuse, harassment, hate speech and disinformation abound, with foreign and domestic actors alike taking advantage of key features of digital platforms to target vulnerable and marginalized members of society. IDDP endeavors to educate the public about these threats, and counter them with reliable information and sound solutions.



Produce timely publications about the threat to democracy posed by digital propaganda and deception and contribute to academic journals with new scholarships.



Bring together leading interdisciplinary researchers from around the world under one roof and organize events on new disinformation research.



Collaborate with the Poynter Institute and its PolitiFact project to offer trainings on the misinformation landscape and how to correct false information.


Research Clusters


About Our Research


IDDP Insights

What You Need to Know About Generative AI’s Emerging Role in Political Campaigns

October 12, 2023

New generative AI tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney have sparked intense debate about how this accessible wave of artificial intelligence could transform industries ranging from healthcare to education. But how will these powerful technologies shape the high-stakes world of political campaigns in the years ahead?

Navigating Data Integrity and Digital Policy: An Interview with IDDP Fellow, Jeff Allen

October 5, 2023

We’re excited to introduce Jeff Allen, the latest fellow at the Institute for Data, Democracy & Politics (IDDP).

Pushing for Platform Transparency: An interview with IDDP Fellow, Brandon Silverman

August 25, 2023

We're excited to introduce Brandon Silverman, the latest fellow at the Institute for Data, Democracy, and Politics (IDDP).

Applying Industry Integrity Experience to Tech Reform: An Interview with IDDP Fellow Sahar Massachi

August 11, 2023

IDDP is excited to welcome its latest fellow, Sahar Massachi. Bringing a wealth of experience from his work on platform integrity, Massachi offers a unique perspective on the critical issues of online misinformation and its impacts on democracy.

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