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In Search of Meaning: Why We Still Don't Know What Digital Data Represent

In the early years researchers greeted the internet and digital data with almost wide-eyed wonder and excitement.

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Securing Malware Cognitive Systems against Adversarial Attacks

A cognitive system is self-learning by leveraging a combination of intelligent techniques, such as machine learning (ML), data mining.

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To illuminate and motivate: a fuzzy-trace model of the spread of information online

In this paper, we present, and test, a novel mathematical formulation of how information spreads online.

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Can presidential misinformation on climate change be corrected? Evidence from Internet and phone experiments

Long-standing literature in political science makes clear that political elites can shape the factual beliefs and policy attitudes of the mass public, especially co-partisans.

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Challenges and frontiers in abusive content detection

Developing robust systems to detect abuse is a crucial part of online content moderation and plays a fundamental role in...

How Should We Now Conceptualize Protest, Diffusion, and Regime Change?

Brancati and Lucardi’s findings on the absence of “democracy protest” diffusion across borders raise important questions for...

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SIMD-X: Programming and Processing of Graph Algorithms on GPUs

With high computation power and memory bandwidth, graphics processing units (GPUs) lend themselves to accelerate data-intensive analytics.

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How we do things with words: Analyzing text as social and cultural data

In this article we describe our experiences with computational text analysis. We hope to achieve three primary goals.

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The Future Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Humans and Human Rights

What are the implications of artificial intelligence (AI) on human rights in the next three decades?

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You Break It, You Buy It: The Naiveté of Social Engineering in Tech – And How to Fix It

Facebook’s mission statement promises to “give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together”.

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The (Mis)Informed Citizen: Indicators for Examining the Quality of Online News

Current discourses about the spread of misinformation tend to juxtapose misinformation with "quality" news.

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Malicious Actors on Twitter: A Guide for Public Health Researchers

Social bots and other malicious actors have a significant presence on Twitter.

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Communicating Meaning in the Intelligence Enterprise

Intelligence organizations are tasked with informing decision makers about complex worldwide threats.

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Can online self-reports assist in real-time identification of influenza vaccination uptake? A cross-sectional study of influenza vaccine-related tweets in the USA, 2013–2017

The Advisory Council for Immunisation Practices at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends annual influenza vaccination for all healthy adults.

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Identifying Media Effects Through Low-Cost, Multiwave Field Experiments

Scholars of political communication have long been interested in unpacking the effects of media on political attitudes and behavior.

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The disinformation order: Disruptive communication and the decline of democratic institutions

Many democratic nations are experiencing increased levels of false information circulating through social media and political websites that mimic journalism formats.