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Twitter just closed the book on academic research

Twitter was once an indispensable resource for academic research. That’s changed under Elon Musk.

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AI Imitating Artist ‘Style’ Drives Call to Rethink Copyright Law

The rise of generative artificial intelligence models that can create graphic, textual, or even audio outputs at a user’s request led lawmakers this month to ask whether an artist’s style can be...

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We Shouldn't Carry the Full Weight of Responsibility for Our Own Workplace Safety

Violence and abusive threats against healthcare workers are nearly daily occurrences. Of all workplace violence, 73% occurs against healthcare workers. Every year, 13% of nurses suffer physical...

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How Tina Turner Became ‘Truly an Icon': GW Professor

George Washington University Professor Imani Cheers explains how Tina Turner fought hard to achieve icon status and inspired generations.

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Do humans cause climate change? Even now, only half of Americans say yes.

Even now, only half of Americans believe humans cause climate change. That finding, from a new Ipsos poll, illuminates a yawning gap between public opinion and science on perhaps the most important...

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Musk's Twitter tries to recapture the political spotlight post Trump with DeSantis 2024 run

With the announcement that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will declare his presidential campaign in a live, unscripted conversation with Elon Musk, the billionaire Twitter owner launched a campaign of his...

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TMZ’s Britney Spears documentary questions star’s post-conservatorship freedom

The unauthorized film spurred backlash from fans, and apparent responses on social media from Spears and her husband.

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CNN faces backlash over chaotic Trump town hall event

CNN is facing a backlash over its town hall featuring former President Donald Trump, an event that swiftly turned chaotic in a stark display of the tightrope facing journalists covering a leading...

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Five elite news outfits win two-fifths of all Pulitzer Prizes

Five elite news outlets now win two-fifths of all Pulitzer Prizes in journalism, dominating a contest that once favored extraordinary reporting in provincial newspapers across the country.

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Trump forum a big test for CNN, moderator Kaitlan Collins

Donald Trump’s town hall forum on CNN on May 10th was the first major television event of the 2024 presidential campaign — and a gigantic test for the chosen moderator, Kaitlan Collins.