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A Vision for Regulatory Harmonization to Spur International Research

On May 1, Reps. Lori Trahan (D-Mass.) and Jay Obernolte (R-Calif.) sent a letter asking the Biden administration to “initiate a multilateral negotiation to establish an international research center...

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Harry Belafonte put it all on the line for Black people: His career, his heart, his soul

Belafonte was a trailblazer in entertainment, but he was equally committed to the cause of equal rights for Blacks around the world.

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Witness Who Was Set to Testify at Fox Trial Reacts to Carlson Ouster

Frank Sesno, former CNN Washington Bureau Chief and professor at George Washington University, was set to be an expert witness in the Fox News-Dominion trial. He joins CNN’s Michael Smerconish to...

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Where can Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon go now?

Deposed TV news hosts rarely regain the level of prominence they lost.

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VERIFY: Will the National Weather Service lose the ability to auto-publish some tweets?

Several NWS accounts have tweeted that its urgent posts may not reach Twitter users because of a new policy related to automation on the social media platform.

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Writer, Adviser, Poet, Bot: How ChatGPT Could Transform Politics

The AI bot ChatGPT has passed exams, written poetry, and deployed in newsrooms, and now politicians are seeking it out — but experts are warning against rapid uptake of a tool also famous for...

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Don Lemon, Tucker Carlson departures roil cable news universe

The sudden departures of Don Lemon at CNN and Tucker Carlson at Fox News roils an already tumultuous cable news universe.

Making Peace Visible

Iraq 20 years later – what was the media’s role?

Babak Bahador has analyzed American news coverage of armed conflicts from World War II through the 2003 Iraq War, and he’s noticed a pattern in the way politics, public opinion, and the media impact...

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What’s Next for Dominion After Its $787.5 Million Settlement With Fox News?

The election technology company has several more defamation lawsuits pending against public figures and news outlets.

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How to empower fathers in the fight for mothers’ lives

How is it possible that in the richest nation on earth, childbirth remains all too often a death sentence?