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Exploring the "reverse Scooby-Doo" theory of tech innovation

IDDP explores the "reverse Scooby-Doo" theory of tech innovation with its creator, Dave Karpf, a professor at George Washington University.

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Citizens' Climate Lobby: Are you a consumer citizen?

Ethan Porter's book "The Consumer Citizen" states that citizens are now being asked to focus on what to buy--goods of all sizes, all prices--nearly all the time.

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How could ChatGPT and artificial intelligence change politics?

So much of political rhetoric and marketing copy is a potentially ripe industry to be disrupted by artificial intelligence. But should voters be worried?

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Why Tucker Carlson still promotes Jan. 6 Capitol attack lies — and sympathetic audiences believe them

Fact-checking works insofar as people who see the fact checks are more accurate for having seen it, says IDDP's Ethan Porter. But fact checks are still limited.

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Lieu's ChatGPT resolution seeks better understanding of AI

IDDP's David Broniatowski, who has been studying artificial intelligence for over a decade, warns that what we don’t know about AI can be dangerous.

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Chatbots Suck at Journalism

If there is one thing the boosters and cynics agree on about artificial intelligence, it’s that the tech is coming for white-...

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A year in the trenches has hardened Ukraine’s president

Not long after Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine, a year ago this week, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky found...

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Twitter’s plan to charge for crucial tool prompts outcry

In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria, thousands of volunteer software developers have been using...

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Why Are You Seeing So Many Bad Digital Ads Now?

Portia Kapraun has always seen unwelcome ads on Twitter, usually from major brands pitching her luxury jewelry or vehicles...

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Elon Musk pledged transparency at Twitter. But he’s walling off researchers

or years, Twitter, like other social media platforms, has freely given its platform data to independent researchers so that...